Friday, November 2, 2018

Memorandum of Understanding India and Romania

Another MoU has been signed by between India and Romania in the field of tourism. The MoU was signed in September, 2018 during the visit of the Vice President of India to Romania.

What are the objectives of the Memorandum of Understanding?
ü Top expand relationship between the two countries in the tourism sector
ü It also helps exchanging information and data related to tourism. To encourage cooperation between tourism stakeholders including Hotels and Tour Operators
ü Investment in the Tourism and Hospitality Sectors
ü To exchange visits of Tour Operators / Media / Opinion Makers for promotion of two way tourism
ü To exchange in the experiences in the areas of promotion, marketing, destination development and management
ü Foster bilateral cooperation through film tourism for promoting the two countries as attractive tourism destination and
ü To promote safe, honorable and sustainable tourism
ü Facilitate the movement of tourism between the two countries
Romania is considered to be a potential tourism markets for India. As per the reports India has received approximately 11844 tourists from Romania in 2017. The signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Romania will be instrumental in increasing arrival from this source market.

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